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    Our production of bits, spurs, brands buckles and other accessories starts with a great passion. This passion, combined with the ability to create excellent handmade objects, became our work along the years.

    Today our handmade outfits are very requested because we take care of all the details. So every piece is unique. Along the years we learnt by our customers that everyone is looking for his personal bit, his personal spur…ect. For this reason our outfits are made to measure and as anyone wishes, with logos, initials, engravings, inlays… ect. The suggestions and the ideas of who uses them all the time are very important for us, to make our outfit more precise and more efficient.

    Besides the opportunity to have all the accessories with your own logo or initials, you have the possibility to choose every part of the outfit. In fact, you can chose the mouth-pieces and the different levers, the measure and the thickness of the bit, due to the necessities of who uses it; you can also choose the shank and the rowel and all the other decorations.

    For further clarification in relation to our business or to buy our products, please contact Ilario in the following ways:

    Tel: +039 0438 783296
    Cell: 3405253877
    e-mail: sales@ilariodp.it